This article from page 27 exemplifies the family that once was Sohio:

The Three Baers— and then some

It wont be long now until Carl Baer, Jr., (the teeny-weeny Baer), age five months, will be climbing up on Papa Baer's (the great, big Baer) knee and asking what it is all about. No doubt, he will be surprised to learn that he occupies a unique position in the great Sohio family. His forefathers for three generations have served Standard Oil, with Mother Baer (the middle-sized Baer) thrown in to "boot"!

Can any other Sohio baby boast of such a distinguished line of progenitors?

Carl Junior's great grandfather, George C. Baer, Senior, (deceased), spent 30 years under the Standard banner. Grandpa George Baer, Junior, (retired), served the same "Standard" for 46 years. Daddy Carl Baer, Senior, assistant service station manager in Cleveland Division, has been a Sohioan for 11 years, to date, and Mother Edna Jacobson Baer, (known to her former associates as "Jake") was in our company's employ for eight years in the Cleveland office, prior to her marriage.

This record of 95 years of Sohio service among Junior's antecedents is one of which his parents are exceedingly proud, and already Papa Baer is coaching the little fellow on the 11 points of service, in order to maintain the family tradition.

The teeny-weeny Baer

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