Sohio Laboratories

Here is a picture from Sohio Laboratories. I would like to add more if anyone has some to contribute.

1939 Picture From Mel Fink

From Oscar Kropp:

Here is my recollection of those in Mel's photo.
Left to Right, seated:
Jane Hettinger Kropp, Einar Kropp, E.C. Hughes, R.E. Burk, Herman Lankelma, C. Whitacre and Leona Laskowski Ghublikian.
Burk was professor of Physical Chemistry at W.R.U. in addition to being Director of Research for Sohio.  He left after a fracas
to become Asst. Director of Research at duPont.  Lankelma was professor of Organic Cemistry at W.R.U. and consultant to Sohio.
Leona married John Ghublikian of Badger Engineering.  John later was President of Badger America.
Standing, left to right:
Mel Fink, Milt Campbell, John Lamneck, Bob Hibbard, Bob Eisen, Ruth Dawes Wilson, Fred Goldbach, Dave Bartleson, Harry Stine,
Wes Scoville, Hank Kusa and last, a summer employ.
Milt left for duPont Fuels and Lubes.  Bob Hibbard left for NASA and Dave left for Ethyl.

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