What is D'Antiques?

We were a home business created and owned by Dan Dotson and Marilyn Saul, a married couple with eclectic tastes and a shared love for the Unique. Although we have limited space to store the things we can't come home without, we discovered that our tastes are shared by many others, some of whom were willing to buy our 'Extra Ordinary Junk'.
D'Antiques, Ltd. is 15 years old (you may confirm this through a Whois query for dantiques.com), during which time we successfully completed more than 13,000 transactions! We shipped to ALL 50 states, the District of Columbia, most Canadian provinces and MANY other countries!
We currently sell no products The following map shows the extent to which we distributed junk around the world.

world map

Unlike many other Web sites, this is our primary storefront, not a sideline. Although we have always wanted the store to be fun, we take our business seriously and try to respond to questions and orders promptly. We deliver over 90% of our shipments within the time estimates provided when items are ordered. We also take pride in packing shipments in a manner that assures their safe arrival. Damage in shipment has been reported in much less than 1% of our shipments, and we have shipped many fragile items. This is not hype, it's the reality of our dedication to provide high quality service.