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The news today is filled with announcements of layoffs across our great country. We think that too much American money is going to China and other cheap labor countries. Our trade deficit topped $700,000,000,000 in 2005! Although we wish the citizens of other countries no harm, we have decided that we will do all we can to keep American money here. Most of the items we sell are used and come from a variety of sources, including those that use cheap labor. Once the goods are here and have been paid for, there's nothing we can do about the problem- used goods are used goods. Our personal money however is consistently used for American, Union made goods, whenever possible.

George W. Bush once said "If people are worried about the trade deficit, they should buy more American goods". That's one of the few things he has said that make sense to us but it shows how out of touch with reality he is. Go to Wal-Mart or Target and see how many items they offer for sale that were made here. We stopped going to both of them when we saw what has happened to their inventory. In fact, we seldom patronize any of the large retail chains today. We buy practically everything for our personal use on the used market. Sources include yard and garage sales, flea markets and a few stores on the Web. It's hard to find sources for some new things we need. One hates to buy used undergarments and hygiene products. Denim made here is seldom discarded until it's worn out. Consequently, we have made a concerted effort to find and support the sites that sell such items on the Web.

This page is provided to make the search a little easier for others who support this idea. Although we haven't ordered from all of them, those we have provided the old-fashioned, durable goods for which this country has been famous. Remember, value is made up of both price and quality. An item that costs twice as much but lasts 4 times as long is a better value than a cheaper item. It seems the multinational corporations who control too much of our lives want us to forget that simple principle.

Sears sells out- and misrepresents the truth about Craftsman tools.
We had a link to the Sears Craftsman Tools Site here because it touted 'American-made' as a good reason to buy Craftsman tools. That page no longer exists.

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